Groups Offered

Groups offered

* Empowerment Therapy (teens/adults)

-Allowing clients to heal using expression through writing/drawing/coloring

* Social skills (children/teens)

- Working with the clients and teaching them how to play socially with others and minimize the social anxiety by interactive games. 

*Suicide/Bully/Self-harm awareness (children/teens)

-Helping clients work on coping with triggers and trauma in a healthy manner.

* Thinking for a Change (teens/adults)

-Helping clients learn to change their negative behavioral patterns or thoughts.

Future groups


* Support group for children of divorced parent

*Support group for bullying, self-harm, and suicide awareness- once group is completed

Group requirements

* Attend 10 or 12 week course, 1-2 hours each Saturday or evening during week (Time to be determined on needs of clients)

*Minimum of 8 clients max of 14.

*Different groups will match age group of children, teens, or adults

Sign up

Please sign up by sending email of groups you would like to be a part of. Once the group his the minimum amount of client we can get group started.

 If you have a group that you would like to participate and I do not offer it yet, please message me and I can see what I can do to get it provided for you. 

Current Groups

* Bullying, self-harm, and suicide awareness

* Social Skills

* Thinking for a change

* Empowerment Therapy (weekly with rotating topics)