Services offered


Individual therapy

Couples/ family therapy





Mental health

Educational groups

Real testimonials

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Big News

*Currently accepting new clients

*Offering interactive educational groups

Modalities offered

* Play Therapy

*Sand Tray Therapy

*Art Therapy

*Client-centered Therapy



*Reality based

*Humanistic based

I offer other modalities that will fit my clients needs. 


Will you be open during the days?

Once I have enough clients for me to be able to do so, yes I will. I will also offer extended hours for those who need it by appointment only.

Do you help with Behavioral issues? 

Yes, I do help with behavioral issues. I have worked in a behavioral hospital for two years and gained a lot of experience dealing with that. As well as working as a preschool teacher.

Do you work with the military?

Yes, I will work with both active and veteran's. 

Do you help with people who have suicidal thoughts?

Yes, I do work with those with suicidal ideations. 

Do you work with mental health?

Yes, I do have experience working with mental health patients. 

Do you run educational groups?

Yes, I have experience running psycho-educational groups. It is a passion of mine.

Do you take credit cards and/or checks?

Yes. I will also have an option in the future to pay your payments online.